Forests of heavenly Mists
gp bonus based on success of mission

After Inkeera’s year of riotous deeds and appointment to Solar rank. The last True Solar has appointed her to a unique task it feels only Inkeera is qualified for and one in desperate need of an angel.

Forests of Heavenly Mists is finally completed by the God of Paladin’s (Corvinthius) and God of Redemption (Azeron). A magical plainer forest created to trap and contain any who travel to the heavens with evil intent or desires.

As commanded your fellow Solar’s have been Piecing together a host of Angels assorted from the broken battalions from the onslaught of Evil a mere century and a decade ago. Many of the Angels are emotionally scarred as the others put it. Mostly do to physical or Mental Trauma. While their faith may be shaken in the gods of good their shared hatred or disdain towards demons and devils alike. Gives them all common purpose to this new assignment. This is the solution your fellow Solar’s believe the answer to stopping a host of potential fallen angels that could be persuaded to evil. The Angels have been ordered to the forests defense.

From every heavenly city’s walls the forest can be seen. It rests in a place between realms and somehow connects to every heavenly realm. As you and your forces enter the elegant forests the Heavens are immediately lost to your view. Shrouded by dense and heavy Mists. Occasionally you think you see shadows of the Heavenly city’s, but no matter how long you travel towards it your angelic hosts cannot leave……

Your Bow “Inkeera’s Wrath” was Enchanted by the True Solar as the key to entering the heavens and bypassing the magical defense that you’re angels have quickly discovered has many flaws as they put it.

1. Anyone creature or entity that plane-shifts or gates to the heavens instead appears in the forest unless they meet the following magical criteria.
A. Deity of DR 0 or greater
B. True Believer in a god of good
C. Good in spirit and intent
D. Solar

For the first few days your numbers swell as angels returning home suddenly appear and cannot leave without your permission. The forests quickly becomes a populated battleground as evil outsiders flood in bewildered at the forests magic. Many mortals trying to reach the heavens find them self’s trapped as well. Most are not evil but do not meet the strict requirements to enter the heavenly realms.

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