Alvyra has always lived around Frontier. It’s where she was born, where she grew up, it’s where she is. Early on, she was spotted by the faithful of Dak for her aptitude in the areas required to serve in the exclusive ranks of his warrior-priests, the paladins. All of the attention, encouragement, and praise has gone to her head. She is not as humble, obedient, and modest as she was taught to be. In fact, she gets overall low marks in the virtue department. However, her dedication to Dak and the justice and goodness he stands for is absolute. There’s also no denying her results.

Alvyra’s dream from early on was not just to serve, but to serve in the elite Road Watch. Infantry is for chumps, those without potential. Cavalry is where the best serve. She put up with the tedium of being a Watch Lackey and has recently won her spurs. Her three most prized possessions (not that she prizes possessions for any reason other than their worth as tools to help her serve Dak) are her sword, her armor, and of course her horse.

Though originally trained like most in the long sword, Alvyra recovered an exotic weapon from a foreign assassin which she’s named “Red.” She was told it’s called a katana. It’s a magical weapon. The innumerable folds in the steel ripple like a fluttering ribbon below its surface. Some unknown mineral has been incorporated as well giving it a reddish shimmer. No one could teach her how to use it, so she taught herself. She got in trouble for that incident. Her superiors thought she should have spared the mysterious assassin for questioning, but when she demanded he surrender, he spat in her face. She took that as a refusal and killed him. Anyway, Alvyra doesn’t negotiate with evil, and this assassin was definitely evil, Alvyra can tell these things.

After she was admitted to the Road Watch and no longer had to hoof it on foot, she plunged nearly all of her savings into a suit of fine steel plate mail. She paid the extra because she’s not the strongest warrior out there and needed something lighter (even the cavalry sometimes get unhorsed). Some would say her choice is not the most practical, but nothing quite says elite mounted cavalry like plate mail, not that she cares about appearances except to honor Dak as he deserves. The custom suit omits a few pieces here and there to save on weight, so it is only AC 4 instead of AC 3. Some say the omissions are scandalously revealing, Alvyra insists the decision is purely practical. Her exposed upper thighs and mid-riff are adequately defended by sword and shield. It’s not her fault she has such good looking upper thighs and mid-riff. People should have a little more self control about what they stare at, eyes are up here buddy! She has since sold that suit of armor (see below), so the prudes are silenced for the moment.

Finally, of course, there is her horse, a gelding she’s named Portius. Actually, he’s nothing special, just a typical specimen of the breed used by all of the Road Watch, but that’s not the point, you can’t be in the cavalry without a horse!

Alvyra has tattoos on both of her forearms. On the left is the word “Mercy.” On the right is the word “Justice.” The word “Justice” has a small red heart for the dot above the “i.” The tattoos are replicated on her guantlets as well. Before wading into melee, Alvyra will shout, “Surrender and you will be given mercy, refuse and you will face justice.” It’s a pretty meaningless offer, but it amuses Alvyra. If her enemies ask for mercy, she fights with her left hand. If they ask for justice, she fights with her right. There’s no difference to her since she fights equally well with both. Alvyra figures a quick death is a merciful death, and she doesn’t negotiate with evil anyway.

Though trained in the crossbow, Alvyra doesn’t carry one. It’s not worth the weight in her opinion. She’s usually with others who are armed with ranged weapons, and she much prefers fighting with her katana, Red.

Alvyra has quarters in the city where she keeps a handful of belongings including a gown or two for occasions where plate mail simply won’t do. Her one indulgence among many is perfume. She hates the smell of oiled steel and sweaty horse. She’s in the cavalry because it looks good, not because it smells good.

Despite being reprimanded for failing to take live prisoners and overall using excessive force, Alvyra was recently promoted to Sheriff for contributions in the Tablet Affair and now serves with the Law Keepers. She was also awarded a fine suit of Plate Mail +1. She also now carries three sets of shackles, a head clamp (for magic users), and 3 gags so she’s equipped to take prisoners. This equipment dangles from her belt for easy access.