Epic rules

1. Forbidden Lore Skill added 21st lvl characters

2. 21HD or greater PC or NPC are no longer subject to death from massive damage.

3. Re-rolls on a natural 1 or 20 on the dice roll. 1 re-roll and subtract/ 20 re-roll and add. (e.i: player rolls natural 1 re-rolls for 6. Player has -7 to attack.

4. If critical failure attack roll exceeds base attack. Extra attacks are forfeited. (I.e: Bullock rolls natural 1 then rolls 20. 21 is higher than his base attack, so bullock hits at -21 and loses his extra attacks.)

5. 21HD or greater PC or NPC will not die until negative HP are at a negative of: CON + Level (i.e. 20 con and 21lvl = -41 HP before you die.

6. Epic Luck: all epic characters are lucky. any one with 21+ HD can make gain +1 luck roll to any roll per day or re roll once must take second roll.

7. True Death: Until you have the following you cannot be resurrected.
1. True faith from mortals
2. Your own divine realm
3. Divine resurrection from the overgod

8. Time Stop: Magic exists within “time” but magic is strong enough to fracture times grip on you. As such, while using time stop other creatures are invulnerable to your attacks and spells, however, you can create spell effects and leave them. They are triggered or considered active when time spell ends.

9. Every epic level starting at 21, players gain a +1 to any stat. This a change the the every 4 levels for inherent stat bump.

10. Welcome to EPIC, where the fun really begins!

11. Divine rules addressed elsewhere.

Epic rules